Hello, I’m Ashley McCurry, founder of H. McCurry. We are a family-owned business that offers parents the highest quality bamboo baby towels for their infants and toddlers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

I started this company shortly after my first son, Harrison, was born. As a new NICU mom, I noticed a lack of good-quality baby towels, and I wanted the very best for my son. He was premature with sensitive skin, and the towels I found were not as soft and gentle on his skin as I’d hoped. I found that bamboo material was super soft, organic, antibacterial, free of dyes and pesticides, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic. I moved forward and created my first baby towel.

My second son, Harland, spent 293 days in the NICU, during which time I created my “NICU GRAD” hooded towels. I dreamed of the day he got to come home. When that day finally came, my NICU had a graduation ceremony for him, fit with a cap and gown, and the medical staff lined the halls with music playing. It was one of the most emotional days of my life. Graduating the NICU is a monumental day, and the towel was inspired by this event.


 Where does the name “H. McCurry” come from?

Both of my sons’ names begin with an “H” and our last name is McCurry. I started this company to give them, and parents like you, the best quality products. After all, our children deserve the very best.